CCube’s award-winning solutions deliver Electronic Document & Records Management (EDRM) to end-users, secretaries and administrators in the format they require, when and where they are needed. CCube is already delivering measurable benefits to many areas of the UK Public Sector, helping to deliver paperless processes and efficiency. The solutions are designed to automate processes without any dependency on paper.

Developed with public sector in mind and utilising an open, client/server architecture, the CCube suite is customisable, fast to deploy, easy to integrated, scalable, standards-based, feature-rich and compliant with current legislation and data protection rules. The systems supports full security controls, document retention, disposal and comprehensive auditing.

"These inaugural Public Sector Paperless Awards are setting the bar for the Government’s Digital Transformation agenda. The amount of public sector organisations that have changed the way that they are working resulting in providing a much improved service to their end-users prove that going paperless is possible."

Vijay Magon, Managing Director, CCube Solutions

Wacom provide unique business solutions for complex global organisations. They are a leading provider of electronic signature pads, pen displays and mobile signature solutions and use creativity as a basis for all their innovations. Wacom’s devices are secure, reliable and durable and utilised in projects where achieving a digital workflow with high-level security is crucial. Their devices such as the e-signature pads utilise cutting edge biometric technology that are forgery- proof. Wacom is at the forefront of the digital revolution, helping to bring innovative solutions to help drive the paperless agenda. Wacom have been instrumental in helping organisations to alleviate pressure through smarter workflow and process improvement for over 30 years.

"Wacom are delighted to be a sponsor for the Public Sector Paperless Awards. We know how challenging and rewarding it can be to look for innovative business solutions and we think that these awards are the perfect platform to recognise those trailblazers who have made the transition to paperless."

Mark Hoole, UK Public Sector Lead, Wacom Business Solution

Azeus Convene is a multi-awarded digital meeting solution ideal for going paperless. Convene offers everything you need to run productive meetings in one app without compromising on security. With its intuitive user experience, omni-platform compatibility and simple learning curve, Convene gives public sector organisations a modern alternative to paper-based meetings. Convene collapses the multiple painstaking steps of a traditional meeting cycle into a convenient one-stop platform for all stakeholders whether senior executives or administrative staff. Convene turns the arduous task of compiling and printing meeting documents into a few simple clicks with instant distribution to iPads, Windows or Android devices - saving time, paper, and increasing productivity.

Azeus, Convene's parent company, has set a solid track record of building secure, mission-critical systems for both public and private sector clients over 25 years.

"Making processes paperless not only improves productivity and efficiency but it makes for a more sustainable planet. We hope that in supporting these awards it will help shine a light on best practice from which others can learn and we can all benefit."

Alasdair Mangham, Director of Business Development, Azeus Convene

Digital transformation is a journey. Wherever you are on this journey, eShare can help you embrace digital transformation in one of the most significant part of your business – your meetings.

eShare research found that on average 50% of the 62 hours managers spend in meetings each week is considered wasted by attendees and a staggering 39% admitted to falling asleep at some point!

Beyond just converting your meeting papers to a digital format, the interactive agenda in eShare’s meeting software is putting the right information at the fingertips of public sector employees throughout the country. An intuitive design and secure but quick access to meeting papers from a tablet means boards, committees, leadership and executive teams can make more informed decisions. For boards, there is additional functionality to better support decision-making and risk management, to improve transparency and accountability – in short, good governance.

"eShare is an avid supporter of digital transformation in the public sector. We are delighted to sponsor the Paperless Awards and celebrate those who are blazing a trail, and inspiring others to embrace digital solutions."

Alister Esam, CEO, eShare

CaseLines is at the cutting edge globally for digital evidence management and courtroom presentation. CaseLines transforms the hearing process for judges, family lawyers, litigators and public prosecutors, improving justice delivery and eliminating paper. Improving efficiency and sustainability is at the heart of the CaseLines’ paperless court vision. Simple, clear digital systems allow secure instant cloud access whilst reducing the environmental pressure caused by paper. CaseLines has delivered paperless trials for clients in the United States, Africa, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom; in the United Kingdom, CaseLines delivers the Crown Court Digital Case System (“CCDCS”) which holds over 37m pages of evidence and has avoided printing of over 200m pages of paper. Besides financial savings, CaseLines has delivered for the Crown Prosecution Service more effective, shorter trials, with more early guilty pleas and fewer cracked trials.

"CaseLines are proud to sponsor the 2017 Paperless Awards. This year’s entries demonstrate the huge commitment and efforts from the public sector to improve efficiency and sustainability. The 2017 Paperless Awards also celebrate power of a new generation of digital systems to revolutionize the outdated use of paper."

Alfresco is an enterprise open-source software company focused on advancing the flow of digital business. The company provides a better, more effortless way for people to work, making sure they have the information they need, exactly when they need it most. The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is an open, modern, secure platform that intelligently activates process and content to accelerate the flow of business. It provides the fastest path for people to interact with information and for companies to respond to changing business needs. Over 1,300 industry-leading organizations have built solutions on Alfresco allowing them to innovate, be responsive and competitive. Alfresco’s customers include Cisco, Bank of NY Mellon, Liberty Mutual, Capital One, US Department of Navy, and NASA. Founded in 2005, Alfresco has U.S. headquarters in San Mateo, California and European headquarters in Maidenhead, UK.

"Alfresco are delighted to be sponsoring the Public Sector Paperless Awards. Despite the challenges that going paperless pose, the calibre of nominations prove that it is possible to do it. We are pleased to be a part of this event that rewards these examples of best practise and excellence in paperless."

Cate Evans, Senior Marketing Manager, Northern Europe

K2 turns complex work into powerful business process applications. With K2’s application platform, Government organisations can use visual designers to rapidly build and deploy low-code apps that are agile, scalable and reusable - resulting in modern processes that quickly and easily connect people, data, decisions and systems.